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It is estimated that 80% of the world GDP is derivatives. So what are derivatives? They are financial contracts represented as cryptocurrencies whose values depend on an underlying asset. The prices of these assets are based on fluctuations in the underlying assets. Derivatives include futures, swaps, forwards, etc, and can be done both over the counter and on an exchange.

Crypto Derivatives (CD) are forecast to be 20x the entire crypto market in less than three years.

Crypto Derivative (CD) trading is trading in synthetic crypto assets and other related assets that get their values from an underlying asset like Bitcoin. These are secondary forms of trading and it is currently exploding on the blockchain.

Powered by the Binance Smart Chain, the CDz Exchange already has an edge over many other DEXs as it rides on the utilities of the Binance Smart Chain that operates with minimal fees compared to DEX built on Ethereum. Additionally, its cross-chain features custodial seamless trading with other chains unlocking a world of DeFi possibilities for its users.

CDz is set up to combine speed with a low-cost cross-chain experience which is lacking in most platforms.

CDz is drawing its community nearer with staking rewards on top assets in conjunction with a proposed utility token that will enable perfect decentralized governance. Due to its perfect system known for seamless interoperability, it allows for popular wallets to be integrated by users on its platform. Trust Wallet, Trezor One, Ledger Nano X, and Metamask are some of the popular wallets integrated by users..

A key area that makes CDz stand out from the rest of the pack is its incorporation of derivatives trading and swaps that are not available on other exchanges. Users can execute non-custodial margin trades with the ability to swap BEP 20 assets with other assets on other chains. CDz executes all of this with low cost and a perfect UI making it a fast-rising decentralized exchange.

CEX Crypto Derivatives challenges open the door for Crypto Derivatives DEX Solutions

Due to the current scrutiny by regulators of centralized exchange giants Binance and FTX, these companies have decided that users will not be able to open new exchange positions for derivatives. The move comes as Binance continues to distance itself from products that result in high scrutiny from market regulators.

CDz, a DEX, is in a prime position to benefit from these recent events and is capitalizing on the timing by offering a growing list of CDs.

CDz will launch its IDO on Paid Network. Paid Ignition has gained popularity for its utility in allowing blockchain solutions to offer private and public auctions. Ignition is a decentralized swapping protocol that features Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot.

The CDz whitelist already commenced on Friday, August 6.

And you can join the Pre IDO launchpool here:

CDz will be launching on Paid Network at an IDO Price of $0.018 as it aims to raise $150,000. While the date for the IDO is yet to be announced, 33% will be issued on the IDO date, and 66% over the next 2 months.

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